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Samstag, 29. März 2014

Currently Makeup Routine

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts...My boy had to hand in his Master thesis this week and accordingly I had to help him all the time to get through this! That's also why I couldn' t take outfit posts. So you have to put up with one more beauty related post today ;) But outfit posts will come soon!
Today I want to show you which is my current makeup routine. 
I already told you about the Laura Mercier silk creme foundation. Since I bought it, it is my favourite foundation. It is a very opaque foundation and it is great for covering acne scars and redness. 
Finding the perfect concealer is a torture! The concealer I always go back to is the Maybelline Der Löscher. It does not crease, it is not drying and it fits my skin tone perfectly. So when it comes to drugstore concealer I allways would pick this one!
For blush I still love my Mac Blush in Fleur Power. I have this blush for the longest time (it looks a bit used up in fact...), but I still use it and I think the color is just the perfect pink flowery color. 
For the eyes I allways love my cat eye wing. Therefore I allways use the L'oreal liners. This time I like to use the L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim. It has this perfect thin tip which makes you draw the finest lines. It is also super black and stays on the whole day.
I'm trying out a brown mascara at the moment. Sometimes I feel like I want to use a little bit less dramatic makeup. Brown mascara looks just so mucch more natural and I sometimes like this look! The one I use is the Yves Rocher Sexy Pulp. This mascara gives you a little bit of everything. But it mainly defines every single lash and it does not make your lashes like cement, they feel very elastic and soft after using this mascara.
During the week I like to use something natural on my lips which i can use everyday for work without looking like a diva. This lipgloss from Lancome is one of the Jucy Tubes. These glosses are looking super natural while giving you extra volume and glossiness. 

What are your makeup favourites?

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