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Sonntag, 30. Juni 2013

like the city can't hold us


H&M tee
H&M skirt
H&M belt
Zara shoes
H&M jewellry 

Hey fashionistas! New outfit post right here in your face :D Bought this skirt at H&M a few days ago and I knew from the beginning that it would be a bit big on me. BUT I just love this print and I had to get it. Just whirled a little belt around and I'm good to go ;) Okay and you all know these Zara shoes...There is such a hype about them! I got them last year, but I don't really wear them often. They are bit to dressy for me and my go-to-style. But when you want to go out, or for some special event, they are really fun! Currently I like to wear my hair kind of wavy and curled. Today I broke up with my middle parted hairstyle and tried something new. I have to say I like it! On my nails I wear Essie "Bahama Mama", a color that I allways come back to!
Today it's sunday, which means beeing easy-peasy and doing want I want to. Tonight we go out for dinner with my parents. Eating steak and baked potatoes :) So I wish you a great rest of the day, too!

And pleeeease make sure you're following me on some other community than GFC! It will probably shut down tomorrow so you can follow me on bloglovin, blog-connect, MyStyleHit, Facebook and shesaidbeauty! You also can see all the options in the sidebar!

Mittwoch, 26. Juni 2013


In the past week I found something for me that really works and makes me happy! I know finding the right workout routine for yourself is like a long never ending journey...I tried the gym, the yoga lessons, the pilates home dvd, to jog....and so on. But now I found something that is really working for me! Probably you heared from Cassey Ho from  already. And I'm in the Blogilates fever now! Just click on the link and visit her website! Every month you get a workout schedule from Cassey, which by the way is  allways designed so cute and lovely! Then you just have to work with the declared youtube videos! And yes, you have to workout EVERY DAY (just one rest day a week!)! But I tell you, it is so much fun! Cassey is such a lovely person and it allways feels like talking to a good friend while during the exercises! Since I do this I really feel so balanced and good in my own skin! So my Feel-Good-Plan includes to first move my body regularly in a way that makes me happy! To make this more fun you have to wear a cool workout outfit! Mine looks like this:

h&m top and Primark shorts
To feel good you also have to DRINK DRINK DRINK al loooooot of water! In the past I allways drank so much water, but since I'm working I allways forget to drink. Now I recalled myself to drink more! Drinking more water is good for almost everything! It's good for your blood circulation, for your skin, your hair and even for your brain! Also I wanna try to eat more vegetables and fruits! What did my english teacher allways said?!: "An apple a day, keeps the doctor away" haha... 

I also love to eat fresh and easy food! Here's one receipe I tried this week. It's some sort of rice pan with fresh vegetables! Yummy! Click here for the receipe if you're interessted! If you are following me on instagram you also mentioned, that I already tried a banana pancake receipe from cassey too and I tell you it is so easy and soooooo delicious!

I also have my Blogilates calendar as a screen saver on my iphone, so I don't forget about it and allways stay motivated! And look at my phonecase! Isn't it cute?! :D

The last thing I want to advise to you is to allways smile and have fun at what you're doing! Stay positive and see the good in all things that happen to you!

Samstag, 22. Juni 2013


Monki blouse
American Apparel leggins
Primark shoes
Monki necklace
Primark ring

I could live in this blouse! Monki is such a great brand! I could buy almost everything in this store! The clothes allways have this big fitting and they just look special, in a good way (; I also love beeing in the store and just rambling around a bit. There is allways this special and a little bit crazy atmosphere! The necklace I'm wearing here is from Monki too. I saw it and had to get it! Because I'm more on the silver side relating to jewellry at the moment, I thought this would be a good investment ;) I also wear my Primark ring which I wear all the time in the past week. 

Oh man it's summer here in Germany right now! And summer in Germany means hot and muggy weather with thunderstorms, allways sweating and allways don't knowing what kind of clothing to put on, because you proper would love to walk around with nothing on, except a bikini D:
Tomorrow it's already sunday...I will do some housework and then I hope to get some relaxing time with a long bath and some pampering with hairmasks and nails painting (:

Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

Summer Favourites

This time I want to present you a kind of different post. I want to show you my summer favourites of the year 2013! And guys, it's sooooo hot here in germany right now! 

 1. Favourite make up: 
When it's so hot outside I like to use something lightweight on my skin. This BB cream from Clarins is the perfect base for summer. It's a bit thicker than the usual BB creams and you definitely have to learn how to work with it but when you got it, it's a really nice product :D
On to the blush: I like to wear something fresh like this Milani baked blush in 03 Berry Amore. Its a rose berry tone with a golden shimmer to it. Such a lovely, fresh color!

 2. Favourite Lipstick:
Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter! Wuaaaahh...Best invention from astor since a long time! This one is the called Delicate Lilac and such a great color for summer! It's a pink tone with a lilac tint to it. It's a really soft consistency and it gives your lips lots of moisture!

 3. Favourite Nail Varnish:
This is Butter Londons "Trout Pout". A neon pink-salmon color. Great for summer!

 4. Favourite hair products:
Love this fresh scent this Dove Leave-in conditioner has and it also protects my hair from getting split ends! When it's so stiflingly hot outside I don't like to wear my hair loose. On those days I like to just pin them up to a very high, big bun. And when you're lazy like me, you have to use this kind of hair donat to get this hairstyle in just a fwe minutes!

 5. Favourite scent:
Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess...Just one word: perfection. This is the best summer perfume I've ever had! It's summer in a bottle. Smells like long nights on the beach, drinking cocktails and having suncream on. A-W-E-S-O-M-E

6. Favourite fashion items:
In Summertime you need one pair of cute hot pants. My currently favourites are these red American Eagle ones. For jewellry I love to wear my chunky necklace from Bijou Brigitte. It looks so cool on a boyfriend shirt! Aaaaand my alltime favourite summer shoes are these from Zara. I bought hem last season and I'm still loving them!

So this was my summer favourite post! Hope you like it! By the way, my favourite summer song is daft punk feat. pharrell williams - get lucky! Could hear this song on repeat all day long!

Freitag, 14. Juni 2013

Miami heat

I'm sorry for this lack of posts guys... Just wanted to write a short post before I'm on my way to Nürnberg to visit some college friends! So for this reason I probably will not manage it to write new post this weekend. But I promise next week I will be back to my normal blogging routine! 
If you're wondering, this is an outfit I was wearing in Miami. All from Urban Outfitters. See you next week!

Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013

What keeps the planet spinning

h&m top
Zara jeans
Primark shoes
H&m necklace
Bijou Brigitte and C&A rings
Primark clutch

Today I show you my alltime favourite jeans. These jeans from Zara are the best jeans I've ever bought! I could wear them all day and they look cool with everthing! I think everyone has to have this one type of jeans for the days, when you don't know what to pull on. On the top I wear this nice peplum top from h&m. I love to wear simple, monochrome tops, because you can dress them up and down with just wearing a chunky necklace or just nothing to it. And I love my statement necklaces (: On to the shoes: Bought them at Primark lately for just 15 Euros! Such a bagain! They are so comfortable, not to high, not to low...perfect sandals for summer time! They also had ones with a bigger heel and I'm still considering to get them...

Yesterday me and my boo were invited to go to a wedding. I just knew the bridegroom, but this was maybe the best wedding I've ever been! The people were so cool and so likeable! I also wanted to make an outfit pic, but I completely forgot it...-.- 
Now it's sunday and I just wanna relax and to things I really want to...You remembered my last post, when I wrote about cleaning out my closet? Still not done yet...maybe today?! haha...

Dienstag, 4. Juni 2013

Sonntag, 2. Juni 2013

casual and comfy

asos baseball shirt
primark disco pants
new look shoes
topshop necklace
primark and h&m rings
ebay bag

Because it's sunday, I thought I show you a casual outfit with my new baseball shirt, which i love! I paired this super cool shirt with my primark disco pants, but it would also look lovely with some skinny jeans! This summer I love to wear those studded slippers instead of my pumps, they allways look edgy and elegant at the same time! 

Guys, I have the idea of making a new layout...I'm a bit bored of this look and I want something clean now. The only problem is, that I'm such a layman when it comes to HTML and things like that...-.- Is there someone outthere who wants to help me?!

I'm a bit lazy and dull this weekend... but I really wanna clean out my closet at the moment...maybe I get off my backside and do this or maybe I go and work on my layout... ;)

But first I need something to eat ...(:










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