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Sonntag, 16. März 2014

TOP 5 products under 5 €

Today I want to share with you my favourite five products under 5€! The products I choosed are all from the drugstore and I really highly recommend them to you!

ESSENCE -like a day in a candy shop-
The first product is a perfume! Yes there is a perfume which costs under 5€ and I can recommend it to you! Everytime I wear this perfume people ask me which scent it is and I get lots of compliments! A friend even said it would smell like an very expensive perfume! But it costs under 3€! It is a very sweet scent, but I can't decribe it further. Please take a walk to the drugstore and try it!

ESSENCE -stay allday 16h-
A foundation under 5€?! Yes, this is really questionalble, but I swear this foundation is a really good drugstore product! The first thing to talk about is the scent. When I first tried it I liked the scent, but now since I used it for a week the scent is very penetrating to me! It smells like a perfume and it is a bit too much for my taste. The texture is a bit more viscous and easy to blend ( with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush). If you are very pale like me maybe even the lightes shade will be too dark for you. I can barely use this with my skintone, but I think it is a bit to orange for me. But it lasts the whole day without smudging! In all it is a good drugstore foundation and definitely worth trying!

CATRICE blush -pinkerbell-
I mentioned this blush before and I'm still in love with it. In my opinion Catrice sells the best drugstore blushes. I allways end up buying blushes from Cartrice because their color range is so adorable and the blushes are high pigmented and good to blend. This color is a very bright pink which looks gorgeous on pale skin and blonde hair (like me ;P)

ESSENCE longlasting lipsticks -wear berries!-
An all time favourite. I never liked the Essence lipsticks since they came out with these longlastings lipsticks! Their colors are so cute, I want to buy every single one and the texture is great too! They are easy to apply, they are not drying and they are just a bargain! This color is my favourite so far. It is a berrie color, which I was searching for the longest time!

P2 volume gloss -miss velvet-
You all know I love my nailpolishes. And I'm a sucker for Essie. But this range definitely got me too! These polishes have a very glossy and shiny texture with a gel look finish. I love how easy they are to apply, I looooooove the colors, and I love the gel finish! This color is such an adorable red-mauve tone. I love it! I will in any case try out more of this range!

4 Kommentare:

  1. Von Essence hab ich auch so einen Lippenstift nur eine andere Farbe, ich find die auch echt gut :)
    Und die P2 Volume Gloss Lacke sind echt seeehr toll!

    Liebste Grüße,

  2. Das Blush ist so schön. Ärger mich immer noch, dass ich es nicht einfach mitgenommen habe...

    Liebste Grüße Laura von Laurella Rose

  3. Bei dem essence Parfum und Lippenstift kann ich dir voll und ganz zustimmen :))

  4. Tolle Produkte :)
    Ich habe auch drei von den essence Lippenstiften und liebe sie :) Ich habe eigentlich alle Produkte, außer die Foundation und das catrice Blush, aber bei mir werden bald auch catrice Blushes einziehen! Die sind wirklich wunderschön <3

    Liebe Grüße, Anne <3


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