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Sonntag, 31. März 2013

happy easter!

jumper: ebay
blouse: cotton on 
shoes: asos
necklace: monki
ring: primark

Happy easter lovelies! Finally an outfit post, but sadly inside again :( Please Mr. Weatherman let the sun shine very soon! I'm really happy about my floral jumper from ebay. You all know about the american apparel 3-D flower mesh jumper for nothing less than 88€, but if you don't want to pay that much money on one jumper you can take a look at ebay ;) 
Time to visit my grandma with some lent lilies and afterwards its game of thrones time, I'm so addicted! :) What are your plans for today, do you have one show you are addicted to?

Donnerstag, 28. März 2013

armcandy time

It's weekend yaaaay (: Here is some armcandy inspiration for you! I really love this kind of statement accessory but I have to be honest I don't wear this very often, at least not with that much stuff, because it  would be too much to wear for work. But maybe this weekend for a night out!
It's Happy-Easter-Time girls! What are you planning for this weekend? Are you with your familiy at Easter? I'm allways with my family when it comes to the holidays, but this time I sadly won't. My parents drove to their holiday house today, so that we won't be together :( mimimi... We have this tradition to make a big very special breakfast at Easter and this time I will try to do this on my own for my boyfriend and me! I'm so excited! 

Have a good time!

Samstag, 23. März 2013

hello springtime

Hello! Yay springtime!'s SO cold outside!...Because the weather is really awkward here in Germany I thought I bring you some springfeelings with my blogpost! I just want to show you some springtime favourites and things that make me feel like spring (:

spring nails inspired by the beautiful and talented bubz from bubzbeauty

 Looove this nailart! Do you like it? Bubz is such a lovely person and so natural and down to earth! Love her videos, you have to take a look at her blog and channel! The nailart is not hard to learn, you just need a little bit of time!

favourite springtime lipstick: revlon -kiss me coral-

Discovered this lippi in my's such a great springtime red! Not too vibrant and not too light! Like the name says it's a coraly, orange red and not drying on the lips. I also love the packaging! 

 favoutite springtime dress: primark

This is the perfect spring dress for me! Denim, polka dots and collar: all I need (: Also looks cute with a chunky sweater above! (The only way to wear this right now, because it's so cold!)

springtime accesoires: braceletes from asos and newyorker ♥ 

A little bit creepy and maybe not soooo springy, but the colors are and I love to wear my little skulls at the moment! Just add a big gold watch and you are good to go!

So, these are my springtime picks! I really hope that the weather will be better soon! We are still in the sub-zero temperatures and I want it to be warmer now! It's weekend now and I have a very big to-do list which has to be executed! Most is done but a few things have to be done tomorrow... I'm also in the mood to do something like a spring cleaning! Not in case of cleaning but maybe something like sorting things out, tidy up my flat and redecorate...We will see (:

What are your plans for the weekend/ for sunday? What is spring like where you come from? 


Dienstag, 19. März 2013


tea and profiteroles//essence nude glam nails//ootd//ootd2//
kitkat bunny (: //selfie//hello monday//
grilled cheese//strawberry tic tac's// bambi at the keys//yummy breakfast
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Sonntag, 17. März 2013

currently favourites

I just bought this mascara a few days ago and used it only one time, BUT I love it! I also have to mention that I never ever tried a mascara with this kind of rubber brushes before because I'm a bit old-fashioned and thought they could never replace the good old brushes. But I have to revoke. This brush works amazing on my lashes! They are longer, fuller and separated!
I mentioned this palette before and I'm still adoring it! The prize, the colors, the lasting power, pigmentation...everything about this palette is amazing! First of all for the daily use. Awesome...
I hate it when liquid eyeliners are smudging and when you get this kind of panda-eyes during the day...Using this product you will never get those issues! It's precise, it's very black and it stays all day long.

I'm using this non-stop! The color fits me (;P) perfect, the texture is light but not too light, it covers well and I just highly recommend it! You can apply it with you fingers which I first did or you use a concealer brush which I prefer at the moment! Both ways are good to go! 

This is a great brush to blend in your foundation! I also use it to apply my bb cream. It's super soft and gently on the skin. Nice product!

Love that it has a pump and if you like the smell of coconut, you have to get this! It smells sooooooo good! when you have applied the lotion on your skin you smell like a pina colada on the go! I always smell on my arms again and again when I used it! And I didin't mentioned that I got this amazing lotion in my last pinkbox! Which I have shown you in the last post.

OMG this is incredibly amazing! My ombred hair tends to dry out at the ends and therefore I bought this oil which I apply to the tips of my hair when they're wet or dry. It smells so freeking good and it leaves my hair shiny and soft. Not on the cheap site but definitely worth the prize!

My cousin brought this to me when she came back from her USA trip. This scent is exactly my type! But please don't ask me to explain... A little bit woody and not too sweet...It's just awesome! (:

Some random stuff
Flowers for springfeelings, uuups there is a bunny in the pic ;)...and I'm totally and absolutelly obsessed with "Stork Riesen" nomnomnom...

Olá my lovely readers! Long time no see! I 'm sorry, shame on me, but I'm so busy currently...Much to do at work and over and above I have to organise so many things for a big journey I'm planning to to do in april! I had to buy new baggage, build a passport, booked hotels and flights and so on... So if you are interessted where the journey goes to, stay tuned! (;
I hope I will have the time to write the next post during the nest week and not first at the next weekend!
Aaaaand I also wanted shortly touch the blogger friend connect thing which is going on right now...  I'm sure you all heard about that google reader will shut down soon and I reallyyyyy hope that you all will keep following me! If you don't know how; you can follow me on 

Have a nice sunday!

Sonntag, 10. März 2013

pinkbox march

This is how the pinkbox of march looks like! I first have to say: I'm a bit more satisfied with the content than in february (I didn't show you the february box, because I was so unhappy with the products I got -.-) But this time I'm happy (:

Aden cosmetics -eye stylist-
I use liquid liner almost everyday, so that's the perfect product for me! It's also in a great everyday color. I got a dark brown color, which looks very natural on the lid! I have tried it once and I really like it! The lasting power is good and it also don't makes "panda-eyes" (;

Emmi -Nail Stickers-
Okay, I don't really like the look of it, but I'm a nailart girl and love to give new things a whirl, so maybe I will try these one day...

Garnier -BB Cream Miracle Skin Perfector Eye Roll-On-
I'm SO excited to use this! Heard good things about it...The first swatch on the hand looked a bit yellowish and light covering, but maybe it's a good product to use, when you don't need that much covering power.

MeMeMe cosmetics -dew pot-
You can use this as an intensive eyeshadow or as an gel eyeliner. I got an really dark green color, which I would not prefer to buy. I also don't use gel eyeliner, but maybe for a night out I use it as an eyebase...we will see...

The Body Shop -coconut milk body lotion-
Now on to my favourite product of this box! Body shop is awesome and coconut flavour is a double plus! Can't wait to use it!

Oh and I forgot the magazine! I got the laviva magazine. Will read it next time! Sooooo...What do you think? How do you like the pinkbox in march? Do you get one too? And by the way, how was your weekend? Mine went by so quickly, but it was wonderful! Especially because yesterday my nephew was born and I hold him in my arms today! Such an amazing and overwhelming feeling to hold a newborn baby in your arms! My happiness barometer is now charched until the rest of this year (;

Have a nice evening beautyjunkies! 

shopping tip

Quick shopping tip! I found these cuties on efoxcity! This is a really pretty onlineshop for girls who like cute stuff and korean style! When you go on their website you can find a wholesale women pants, where I found this gorgeous leggins which is shown in the picture above! You also can find so many super cute women's blouses and they also have a discount formal dresses, if you are looking for something special! I especially love their jewellry collection! The ring with the bow is soooo cute and exactly what I would love to buy! 

What do you think of this shop? Would you buy stuff from them?

psssss...stay tuned for the next post coming up very soon! (:

Sonntag, 3. März 2013

afternoon picnic with twinkly love

kleancolor nail laquer from ebay

Hello cuties! These are some nailpolishes which I ordered from ebay in february. If you are a bit crazy over glitter nails like me, you HAVE to check this out! There are so many glitter polishes and they also sell normal colors. But the glittery ones are really unique and cute! I bought six polishes and paid 22,32 €, which is no more than 3,72€ for one polish! I think this is a good deal! You also can buy just one, but I think this will be too expensive because of the shipping costs...I really love them and highly recommend them to you! Today I wear sugar coat which looks great on a nudish pink basecoat.

Do you like these polishes and is this something you would buy?
I would love to know which kind of nailpolishes you buy!
 Lots of love

Freitag, 1. März 2013









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