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Dienstag, 31. Dezember 2013

NYE Outfit

blouse: TK-Maxx
skirt: H&M
shoes: Primark
rings: H&M

This is a possible NYE outfit. I will probably not be wearing this, because I'll be just chilling with some good friends and don't want to be overdressed for this. But if I would go to a Party, I would wear something like this! All you need on NYE is glitter! No glitter no new year ;) I builded this outfit around the skirt. It's a H&M skirt from last season and I love it! The colors are so adorable! The perfect nude-glitter skirt! On top I wear a light see-through blouse with a pearl collar. This blouse makes the outfit a bit more grown up and dressy. You could also wear something simple on top to dress the outfit down. Because of the bunch of glitter and pearl I decided to wear less jewellry. I just wear some nice golden rings here and there. Oh and excuse my hair and my poorly face...Felt very sick this day..:( I just pulled my hair up and put some makeup on to not look like I felt.
I hope you like my outfit! Have a nice evening and a happy new Year!


Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

Giveaway: Dresslily

One of the lovely employees from contacted me and asked me to do a giveway for you guys! And yap, I never would refuse this chance to make my readers happy :) 
Dresslily is a international fashion online store which is allways up to date! The best, you get the newest trends with an affordable price! You get casual styles and also more dressy styles, like wedding dresses. They also have accessories, shoes and jewelry.
I have choosen the following items for you:

Isn't this white dress a cute one?! I love it...and also the tiger crop top is a cool thing to have!
So if you fancy seeing what all the fuss is about, enter below and I will pick someone at random @ 29th January 2014.
Terms & Conditions:

Good luck! xo.

Freitag, 27. Dezember 2013

New puchases/gifts

via Douglas
Fist of all: A belated "Merry christmas!" to you all! I wanted to do a christmas related post so badly, but to be honest with you, when the holidays came and I was with my family, I just wanted to relish christmas and be with my family without taking tons of outfit pics or food pics or whatever you can post on the social web...We had a really blessed time. I ate so much and had lots of fun with my family...I hope you all had a great christmas too!
So here are some of my latest purchases and also some gifts.

1. I ordered me the Redken extreme shampoo, Redken extreme conditioner and Redken anti snap via, because my hair is getting blonder and blonder at the moment and needs some extra treats. I heard so many good things about it, I had to buy it...The best, you get 25% off! So be sure to check that out! There are also other great offers!

2. A christmas gift from my grandma! A Mac blush in "mocca". Its a really pretty matte shade. I'm not good in describing colors, but it is one of those blushes you can wear every day and with mostly every skintone!

3. I wanted this foundation for ages! And now I made myself a christmas gift and ordered my own Laura Mercier silk creme foundation! I'm soooo excited to use it!

4. This is also a beauty product which I'm on a hunt for ages...It's the Clarins Lisse Minute Base Comblante. It's a primer, to use under your foundation and so many beauty gurus raved about it, I had to buy it! Clarins never dissapointed me... I'm curious!

5. My grandma also bought me a lipstick from Mac, because she thinks that you always have to have a convenient lipstick, blush and nailpolish! This is the Mac lipstick in brave and I absolutely adore this color! It's a kind of berry-brown-dark nude (in my oppinion ;D) and it is like the blush a great everyday color! 

These are my "New-in's" on the beauty side! Tell me, what did you get on christmas eve? 

Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

Glitter on me

I actually wanted to make an holiday outfit-post today, but was not able to...It is the time again when my skin starts to annoy me. I told you about the face oil I used and it really helped me a lot, but now my skin is breaking out again...I'm really despairing...So I try to use no make up this weekend and in this stadium I don't want to do outfit pics...I hope you don't mind. Instead of this I show you some "nail art", which I did a few days ago. I love the nude color by p2 and nudes are allways gorgeous with some glitter, right?! 
So it's sunday again and I will visit my family! Also I'm planning to do some christmas baking with my boy :) Yesterday and friday I did some christmas shopping, but guys I still don't have all my drives me crazy. This chritsmas I'm so uncreativ! Do you already have presents for everyone?

Have a great sunday!

Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2013

Plushy sweater and top knot

cardigan h&m
shirt monki
bag topshop
rings h&m

So here I am again! How was your weekend going? Mine was super relaxing and fun! I spend one day just doing nothing and on sunday I got dinner with my family as usual. Yesterday me and my boy visited some friends because they got a little 9 weeks old puppy. OMG this little dog is just the custest thing ever! I allways wanted a dog for my own, but now that I saw this little ball of fur I'm sold...Want one so badly! Do you also have some pets?
Now on to the outfit. This is what I wore today! But I wanna be honest with you, I wore some boots instead of the flats, but they were a bit dirty and I didn't want to wear them in my bedroom ;) 
Anyway this sweater/cardigan is the most cuddly thing ever! But somehow I look like a little british broad with my plushy sweater, the leo shirt an d my long earrings :D And my hair is just a big mess in these pics, I hope you don't mind and like it anyway!

Samstag, 7. Dezember 2013

New hair don't care

cardigan tally weijl
top primark
jeans topshop
boots Aldo
necklace h&m
rings pandora

Okay, doing these pics at night wasn't such a great idea...But I'm happy that I did it! I'm so motivated right now! I have some plans for my blog! I really wanna blog more often again (REALLY ;) and I want to do more fashion related posts again! I somehow stopped doing my outfit posts for some reason and this has to change! This are my plans for the future of "cardiac" and aside from this I wanna say thank you my lovely readers for following me, supporting me and writing me these super cute and lovely comments all the time! I noticed that I rarely do this and I really have to say this more often! THANK YOU! I'm so happy every time I'm reading your lovely comments and I think you have to know this! 
Maybe I'm a bit emotional currently...I feel so blessed to have my family and my boy, which I love more than he could ever imagine...Maybe I feel so because my little niece was born in november and this was such an overwhelming feeling...She is so cute and I'm so thankful that she is healthy. 
But guys...enough chitchat! Now on to the outfit! I was searching for some cool boots for winter time. I wanted something real leather and flat, so that I can wear them everyday! I scrolled on Zalando and saw that they sell "Aldo" shoes! Oh man, I was sold! When I was in the US I almost everyday walked into an Aldo store because I loved the shoes there. But here in Germany it's hard to find them. Yup and Zalando sells them...I definitely had to get me some Aldo boots and here we are. These boots have the perfect color, shape and height. Love them! I'm also loving my knit in winter time. These cardigan is from Tally Weijl and it is so comfy! Perfect for cold winter days! And I didn't mentioned my hair! I bleached it a bit on my own, but it turned out a bit to yellowish. I want it to be a bit lighter and more ashy. But I let my hair breathe a bit before I get it done again.
So I hope you like my plans for Cardiac and please let me know if you have any suggestions for my blog!

Have fabulous day/night and allways be thankful! :)

Montag, 18. November 2013


Clarins Huile Orichidée Bleue

Hey dolls, I have to apologize...I'm a bad blogger currently. I'm really sorry, but I have a really rough schedule at the moment. I'm working more than 45 hour a week, have to do my housework and there are lots of birthday parties to go to and over and above alomst all of my friends are moving, which means they need help in renovating. 
BUT today I have a little bit of time to do this blogpost. It's about this lifesaver called faceoil. If you are following me since the beginning, you may know, that in the last winter I had problems with my super dry skin. It starts with getting little tiny pox and then the skin gets super dry. I get red, dry spots all over my face and no make up can fix this! This is a nightmare! One month ago it starts again and I was like: "NOOOOOOOOO....!!!!" And I bought this clarins face treatment oil. And everything changed. :D I'm not joking! The one I choosed is called "Huile Orichidée Bleue" and it is the one for normal to dry skin. There is also one for oily skin. Every night, when I remove my make up and set my face with a toner I put ca. 7 drops of this oil into my palm of hand and rub them a bit. Then I slightly massage it on to my face and neck. After that I also use my facial cream. After just two or three days my skin felt super soft and the pox were blown away! Now I just use it every other day. 
So, if you have dry skin like me or problem skin, I highly highly recommend this oil!It is not a bagain with 36,99€, but it's a lifesaver! You can get it here.There are also similar products at the drugstore for a cheaper pricetag, but I did not checked them out yet.

So, I hope you liked my little review and hopefully we see each other very soon and I can get on my normal blogging schedule again :)

Samstag, 12. Oktober 2013

Color Riche Collection Privèe

Guys, I'm sold out! These lippies from L'oreal really got me! I love the color range, the texture, the packaging and how moisturizing they are! If you haven't heard of this edition, these nude lipsticks are concerted to the individual complexion and hair color of  Jennifer Lopez, Doutzen Kroes, Heike Makatsch, Eva Longoria and Freida Pinto. I've choosen the one from J Lo, Doutzen and Heike and I have to say my favourite is Heikes! I just looooove this color! It's a peachy pink color and it definitely looks perfect with my complexion. 

But now I also wanna say sorry...Currently I 'm working soooo hard... I'm often late at home and I have no time for blogging...Please be patient with me, better times will come (at least I hope so ;)

Lots of love for you!

Dienstag, 1. Oktober 2013

Nail of the week

My nails look like this currently! It is "burgundy kiss" by Maybelline Jade and I love this dark burgundy color! And also a plus, it's a bargain! It costs under 2 Euros! But, guys, I have to apologize for my unequal nails :D 
What is your favourite nailpolish at the moment? Let me know in the comment section below, because I looooooove to try out new shades and brands!^.^
Have a nice evening!

Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Do more what makes you happy

Asos blouse
Asos ring
Primark jacket
H&M shoes

Quick outfit post! Wore this yesterday to my mom's birthday! Sorry for the lack of quality, but I should not have shoot into the light -.- 
Anyway...welcome to my living room ;) My bunny also crushed my pics...hehe...Soooo...hope you like it and wish you great rest of the week!
Oh and if you are interested in youtube check out "thecardiacism" I've started a little something *.*
Lot of loooooove

Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Thrilling me softly LE - Catrice

Hey guys, today I have another review for you! These goodies were send to my by cosnova a few days ago and it is a limited edition called "Thrilling me softly" by catrice. I'm so happy that I got them, because I loooove catrice! I would say it is one of the "better" drugstore brands and it has a good qualtity. I got three nailpolishes, one mascara, one blushstick, one eyeliner and an eyeshadow palete and I will show you every single piece I got right now :)

Ultimate Nail Laquer
I got three of these pretty nailpolishes. I got a dark lilac color, which is called "C03 - Occult", a shimmery dark red called "C04 - Allure" and a golden one called "Co2 - Suspect". First I was so impressed by those colors! They are great for fall and just so beautiful! With two coats of it you are good to go! So like I said, the colors are awesome, but ladies it chips...SO quickly! I've worn the red one for four days now and since the second day it chipped and now it's getting ridiculous -.- BUT maybe it's just the red one...We will see...My favourite color is at least the lilac color! Here are some expressions for you:

Smooth Blush Stick
I got this blushstick in the color "C01 - Feverish", which is a corally-pink color. It is the first time trying some kind of stick and I didn't expected it to be so good! It has a really smooth texture and once you've applied it it is really easy to blend! In the last pic you can see how it looks like when it's just applied and then how it looks like when you blend it into the skin! ( I don't know why my arms look like dead here xD)

Absolute Eye Color Trio
This trio is called "C01 - Soft Thrill" and I loooooove the colors! I have a purple/mauve shade, an anthracite and a white/silver shade. The anthracite and the white ones are like metallic and they have a bit glimmer to it. These colors are so pretty and you can create looks for day and night time with it! And did I mention the packaging?! So cute!

Cat Eyes Eyeliner Pen
Okay, I love my eyeliner and I wear it like almost everyday. So this is perfect for me. BUT...I'm very picky when it comes to eyeliners...This one is something very different and I never tried a pen like this before. It looks like a marker and first I thought "how does this work?" But it does work and you also can draw fine lines with it. You just have to be very careful. It makes a nice matt look and I will definitely carry on using it!

Better Than False Lashes Volume Mascara
This mascara is awesome! With its big brush it catches every lash and it gives you a lot of length without smudging and crumbling! And if you want some more volume you just have to layer on! I really like this mascara and I'm so happy that I got it!

I wish you a great day! And for all the German readers: Geht wählen! :)









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