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Donnerstag, 30. Januar 2014

Drugstore Haul

I did a little bit of shopping at the drugstore for the past weeks...This is what I got!

Astor Anti Shine Mattitude Powder. I wanted something which helps me looking matte during the whole day, because I'm not that kind of girl wihich touches things up throughout the day. I'm lazy ;) 
Maybelline Fit me Concealer. The best drugstore concealer ever. It gives you great coverage, it lasts through the whole day and it fits my skincolor perfectly!
Catrice Blush in Pinkerbell. Catrice blushes are allways a good choice. I love the colors and also the packaging. Is it just me, or is this acrylic look just perfect?!:D

 Astor Qick'n Go 362. I'm on a hunt for the perfect nude-beige-grey color. Maybe this will satisfy me.
 Essie Watermelon. Essie is the best nailpolish brand. I love these ones so bad. The colors are allways perfection and the application is so easy. And first of all they last for the longest time! Watermelon is such a cute and girly color! I just needed it.

Maybelline 732 brazen beige and Astor Heidi 002 sweety. I allways need to buy me more nude lipsticks...I don't know why. It is addictive. The Maybelline one is a bit lighter than the Astor one. But generally speaking they are nearly the same color. ^_^

And somehting random. The Balea make up removing wipes and my favorite deodorant, the Dove gofresh.You all know how this works.

Montag, 27. Januar 2014

"Dogs never bite me. Just humans."

dress: Asos
shoes: H&M
necklace: bijou brigitte
rings H&M
I'm so silly...I forgot to use the flash while taking these pics...O_o
I hope you like them anyway and that you don't care to look at blurry pics... Bad pics, but an adorable dress, right?! I love it! It is so cute, I want to live in it. Of course, in winter time, you have to wear something above, like a chunky knit or so...
This weekend was kind of full, I redecorated my flat and put all the christmas stuff into the basement, cleaned up and did some blogging stuff. Above all there was a big family party at my cousins house. It was so lovely and we had a great time! 
Tomorrow is my granddad's birthday, so family is calling again! Today I went to h&m and bought some great basic pieces, like a black maxidress with longsleeves..maybe I will wear it tomtorrow :)

Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

January Favorites

Hey dolls, I skipped the ootd this week because it is winter and every time I came back home from work the sun has already gone...That means I could not take pictures for the blog :( But today I got it! Yay! 
Because it's the end of the month I thought I would make a January Favorites Post! So let's start!

I finally bought me the one and only Laura Mercier silk creme foundation. Awwwwww...this stuff is a dream! I never had a foundation, which is like this! It makes my skin look flawless! You just have to use a tiny little bit and blend it in well. It is AMAZING. Buy it and be happy.

The Laura Mercier Foundation is great on its own, because of that you don't necessarily need a powder to mattify it. Anyway I like to use a bit of powder to be safe during the whole the day. But the color oft this foundation is so pretty, I just need a translucent powder. And what I found in my beauty drawer was the Catrice Prime and Fine Powder. It does its job perfectly. It does not give up any kind of color and it just gives you the matting you need.

I rediscovered this eyeshadow palette and I used it almost every day for the last weeks. I'm speaking of the Wet n Wild Vanity palette. I mostly use the two upper shades on the left side. The light one on the whole lid and the darker one in the crease. It's the perfect every day makeup. Just add a black liner and you are ready to go. 

I wanted this primer since a long time and now I finally got me one. Prior to that I used the Benefit primer and I never really liked it and I don't understand the hipe. Now I got the Clarins Instant Smooth I know what a primer can do for my skin. It mattifies perfectly, it reduces acne scars and crinkles and it just makes your skin looking a lot better than before.

Do you know any of these products? 

Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014

essence wear berries and natural beauty

Something new to my lipstick collection. I allways saw these at the drugstore and thought:"Noooo not a nother lipstick..." But lately myself thought, that they are such a bargain and so I had to get me some of the new essence longlasting lipsticks. And guys, I don't regret buying them. They have a nice texture which is is not drying, they are easy to apply, they are actually longlasting and the colors are beautiful! I choosed "natural beauty" and "wear berries!". Both are pretty colors. Natural Beauty is the everyday kind of color, which adds just a tiny bit of pink color to your lips and wear berries is a very cute lilac-pinkish color, with blue tones in it. I love them and highly recommend them, if you are searching for a good drugstore lipstick!

Almost friday gals! What are your plans for the weekend? I will visit a good old friend and spent time with my family. 

Montag, 13. Januar 2014

what goes around comes around

dress: TK Maxx
shoes: h&m
coat: asos
scarf: h&m
bag: h&m
necklace: Zara
rings: h&m

I love this dress. It is a bit sixtees, a bit chanel and also kind of edgy. Perfect to dress up and down! And it fits perfect and is so comfy! If I wear it I allways combine it with my chunky necklace from Zara, which I adore too! It allways adds the little extra to an outfit. If you wear it on a big boyfriend t-shirt or on a dress like this, you allways feel fashionable ;) And lets speak about this coat. It is so pretty! And just the best thing ever to wear on warm winter day. Now that I bought my first boyfriend style coat, I'm thinking about getting another one too. Maybe in pink or mint green...If you like to see how I created the whole look, you can watch my "Get ready video" on my channel very soon. I will link it here when I have uploaded. 

It's monday guys and it is my first day to work since a long time because I had a sickness certificate. But now I'm healthy and full of energy! I love how it feels to feel fit again and how I can get into my old routine again. I want to redecorate my home and though it feels sad to put away the pretty cute christmas dressing, it is necessary to round off 2013, right?!

Donnerstag, 9. Januar 2014

Insta 2013 + Resolutions

Okay...This is the last time doing a memory post for 2013! Here I put together some pics from my intagram account. These are just the newest...If I would show you all the pics I could start an own blog for my insta pics ;) While taking a look at these you see 2013 was the year of the selfie and for me it was also the year of nails and food! I love beeing on Instagram, so if you like it too and you not already following me, here is my link: 

I rethought this resolution thing a bit and after all there are some tiny resolutions which came to my mind and I want to share them with you!

1. Work: I want to take care of myself more often at work. My job consists of driving with the car all day long from one client to the next and I also arrange my timetable on my own. This is the problem. If I don't include a lunch break I will have no break untill I go home in the evening. Accordingly I eat just a small breakfast in the morning and nothing except this breakfast until I go home. This is very unhealthy and I definitely want to change this!

2. Exercise: I like my body, but to feel better and more balanced I allways try to do my exercises. But it also allways takes a back seat in my life, because I get sick or I have too much work to do or there are too many private matters to settle. But in 2014 I will try to do at least 1 or 2 times a week a little workout. I love doing Blogilates, by the way :)

3. Beauty: I want to remind me more often to to give myself a good warm bubble bath, this is allways so relaxing and I really have to do it now and then! Also I want to give my hair a mask once a week. I lost sight of this, but my hair is blonder now and needs this extra care so much! The same with my skin. I want to exfoliate it more often and I also want to do more face masks and things like that. I'm sometime a lazy girl when it comes to this...I'm also thinking about buying a clarisonic....we will see...

4. Moving: Me and my boyfriend want to move in 2014. We also know where we will go to and about which space of time. I'm so excited and happy about this, you can not imagine! The apartement is so lovely! I love my old flat, but it's getting thighter and thighter and some day you just need some more room to live in. In case of that I want to investigate a lot of dekoration and design stuff to get inspiration how to style my new home. I'm also planning to do some dekoration posts reffering to this.

5. Family: I'm allways spend a lot time with my family because I just love them all so much. But the older I get, the more it falls into place that my family is the main thing in life and that we have to care about our family the most! I also want to spend as many time as possible with my little niece, she is just the cutest little thing ever and I love her so much! 
All this sure also regards to my boyfriend which I call my family since a long time too.

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

Dienstag, 7. Januar 2014

Beauty Favourites 2013

Another "2013" post...I thought it would be fun to show you my Beauty Favourites of 2013! I picked five products which I discovered and loved 2013. So lets just jump right into it!

I'm so happy that I ordered my first Real Techniques Brushes in 2013! I quickly bought me a whole kit, because I was sold! These brushes make applying makeup so easy! My favourite of all is the buffing brush. With this brush, applying foundation is a dream! It is so soft and gently on the skin and it leaves the skin with an airbrushed finish! I love it!
I bought my first Maybelline Color Tattoo a while ago, but I still love it! These cream eye shadows are so popular, I think you will know them too...They are perfect for these days, when you have no time for makeup. So you just put this with your fingers on, add some mascara and you're good to go! My favourite color is "On and on bronze".
My product of the year is definitely the Opi Nail Envy Nail Hardener! OMG this product is amazing! I apply it as a base coat every time I paint my nails and it works wonders! It has made my nails so strong and hard and it also helps the nailpolish last longer!LOVE LOVE LOVE!
The next product has become a kind of lifesafer for me. It is the Clarins Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil. If you have very VERY dry skin and you don't know what my help you, I think this oil will! I apply this at night before I apply my facecreme and it makes my skin so much more hydrated and it also helps with reducings acne scars! If I have hard times with my skin I apply it every night, otherwise I just use it as needed.
I think oils are an invention of the year 2013. You get face oils, body oils, nail oils...and you get oil for the hair! One of those hair oils is the Wella Luxe Oil. I'm hitting pan know with my bottle and I definitely have to get me a new one! I use it after every wash and rub it into my ends. It smells amazing and it makes the hair look so shiny and it feels so so soft after using it!

2013 was full of discoveries, lets see what 2014 will bring to us!:) See here, what I also loved in 2013!
What did you love in 2013? Do you have some recommendations for me? Let me know in the comment box!

And take a look at my giveaway! There are only two girls who join the giveaway until now! Click here to see the post!

Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

Outfits 2013

So, this is 2014 now! Wow...I can not believe it...time is passing by so far this and I'm getting older,too ( while I takeing a look at these pics ;) I thought it would be fun to jump on the bandwagon and do some kind of memory post for 2013. I'm also trying to schedule my posts more, so it is easier for me to do some kind of posts in time.
Now on to the outfits...Some are casual and some are a bit more special...and while scrolling through all these old outfits I recognized that I should be more brave in doing special and bold outfits! It's just more fun for me and for you!:) I also recognized that holy moly, my hair was so dark at the beginning of posting outfits!Crazy...But the ombre was kind of cool I guess...
Some resolutions for 2014 reffering to outfits? Nothing special...Being more gritty and just continue wearing what I like! I also mentioned in on of the last posts that I want to start making more outfit posts again! One thing reffering to this is that I allways want to do more "outside" kind of posts...Have to get my butt up and take my boyfriend with me on every weekend or so! This is also a great opportunity to go for a blow! I will try guys, I swear!;)
I also want to take advantage of this situation to thank you all! You are allways so kind and I never get these well-known "hater" comments, this is awesome! EVERY little comment makes me smile and I'm allways so curious to know what you are thinking about my posts! Please, if you have some suggestions for me, how to do better, don't be shy, I love to hear what you have to say! I also would love to kow, what you like more, my outfit posts or the beauty posts?! Or what kind of posts do you miss? Please let me know! 

Since three weeks or so I'm sick now...its a mess...I hope this weekend will cure me and I can finally start 2014 as myself!

Lots of love to you all!









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