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Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

Do more what makes you happy

Asos blouse
Asos ring
Primark jacket
H&M shoes

Quick outfit post! Wore this yesterday to my mom's birthday! Sorry for the lack of quality, but I should not have shoot into the light -.- 
Anyway...welcome to my living room ;) My bunny also crushed my pics...hehe...Soooo...hope you like it and wish you great rest of the week!
Oh and if you are interested in youtube check out "thecardiacism" I've started a little something *.*
Lot of loooooove

Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Thrilling me softly LE - Catrice

Hey guys, today I have another review for you! These goodies were send to my by cosnova a few days ago and it is a limited edition called "Thrilling me softly" by catrice. I'm so happy that I got them, because I loooove catrice! I would say it is one of the "better" drugstore brands and it has a good qualtity. I got three nailpolishes, one mascara, one blushstick, one eyeliner and an eyeshadow palete and I will show you every single piece I got right now :)

Ultimate Nail Laquer
I got three of these pretty nailpolishes. I got a dark lilac color, which is called "C03 - Occult", a shimmery dark red called "C04 - Allure" and a golden one called "Co2 - Suspect". First I was so impressed by those colors! They are great for fall and just so beautiful! With two coats of it you are good to go! So like I said, the colors are awesome, but ladies it chips...SO quickly! I've worn the red one for four days now and since the second day it chipped and now it's getting ridiculous -.- BUT maybe it's just the red one...We will see...My favourite color is at least the lilac color! Here are some expressions for you:

Smooth Blush Stick
I got this blushstick in the color "C01 - Feverish", which is a corally-pink color. It is the first time trying some kind of stick and I didn't expected it to be so good! It has a really smooth texture and once you've applied it it is really easy to blend! In the last pic you can see how it looks like when it's just applied and then how it looks like when you blend it into the skin! ( I don't know why my arms look like dead here xD)

Absolute Eye Color Trio
This trio is called "C01 - Soft Thrill" and I loooooove the colors! I have a purple/mauve shade, an anthracite and a white/silver shade. The anthracite and the white ones are like metallic and they have a bit glimmer to it. These colors are so pretty and you can create looks for day and night time with it! And did I mention the packaging?! So cute!

Cat Eyes Eyeliner Pen
Okay, I love my eyeliner and I wear it like almost everyday. So this is perfect for me. BUT...I'm very picky when it comes to eyeliners...This one is something very different and I never tried a pen like this before. It looks like a marker and first I thought "how does this work?" But it does work and you also can draw fine lines with it. You just have to be very careful. It makes a nice matt look and I will definitely carry on using it!

Better Than False Lashes Volume Mascara
This mascara is awesome! With its big brush it catches every lash and it gives you a lot of length without smudging and crumbling! And if you want some more volume you just have to layer on! I really like this mascara and I'm so happy that I got it!

I wish you a great day! And for all the German readers: Geht wählen! :)

Montag, 16. September 2013

The Tangle Teezer

Hallo ihr Lieben! Heute dreht sich bei mir alles um den Tangle Teezer! Falls ihr jetzt denkt: "was soll die Pferdebürste hier auf dem Blog?!"-Nein, das hier ist eine Haarbürste für alle, die sich endlich die Haare bürsten wollen, ohne Ziepen, Zwacken und sonstige Schmerzen! Der Tangle Teezer kommt ursprünglich aus Großbritannien und der Hersteller verspricht, dass die Bürste die Haare schnell entwirrt, ohne zu zwicken und dass sogar im nassen Haar!

Hello lovelies! Today I wanna present you the Tangle Teezer! It's a detangling hairbrush and with this brush you will have no pulling or yanking even on wet hair! This product is made in Britain.

Ich liebe dieses Pink! Ich bin so ein typisches Mädchen/Frau, die wenn es etwas in pink, rosa oder lila gibt, immer zu einer dieser Farben greift, anstatt eine neutrale Farbe zu wählen. Wenn ihr aber auf andere Farben steht, es gibt den Tangle Teezer auch noch in vielen anderen Farben! Also ein Pluspunkt geht auf jeden Fall an die Farbe. Ansonsten ist die Form schon eher "anders" als die einer normalen Bürste, so wie wir sie kennen. Sie hat eine ergonomische Form und liegt somit super in der Hand. Einen Griff hat der Tangle Teezer dementsprechend nicht. Die Bürste besteht aus einer Art leichtem Plastik und hat kleine und große Borsten, die relativ dünn sind.

I love everythink which is pink! So this one is made for me :) But if you're not a pink-kind-of girl like me, you can also get this brush in many other colors! It is ergonomically designed and fits perfect into the hand. Accordingly it has no grip. The brush is very lightweight and feels like plastic. The bristles are very thin and it has small and big ones.

Der Gebrauch:
Die Bürste liegt wirklich gut in der Hand. Aber ihr könnt euch nicht vorstellen, wie oft diese Bürste quer durch mein Badezimmer geflogen ist! Wenn man mal in Eile ist und sich schnell durch Haare gehen will, dann kann es passieren, dass die Bürste an einem größeren Knoten im Haar stockt und man mit der Hand abrutscht. Ich weiß nicht, ob es nur an mir liegt, aber ich bin definitiv für einen Griff an dieser Bürste!
Trotzdem erledigt sie ihren Job des Entwirrens mit Bravur! Das Haar ist superschnell entknotet und fühlt sich geschmeidig an.

This brush really perfectly fits into your hand, but you can not imagine how often this brush is flying through my bathroom! If you are in a hurry and you just want to quickly brush through your hair it can happen, that the brush gets stucked by a little hitch and you slip off. Maybe it's just me, but I definitely need a grip on this brush!
Anyway it detangles your hair perfectly! Your hair is super quick detangled and it feels very soft!

Super Erfindung! Ich habe meine alte Haarbürste im Schrank abgelegt und benutze nur noch den Tangle Teezer! Super Design! Meine Haare lieben die Bürste und ich auch! Einziger Minuspunkt ist der nicht vorhandene Griff. Ich weiß, ohne diesen Griff wirkt die Bürste natürlich mehr "Andersartig" und besonders, aber ich würde sie noch lieber mit einem Griff benutzen! Vielleicht bin ich aber auch einfach nur ein Tollpatsch ;)
Super invention! My old brush is out now! Since I owned it I only used my Tangle Teezer! The Design is super cool and my hair loves this brush! The only drawback is, that it has no grip. But maybe this is just me and I'm such a clumsy fellow ;)

Den Tangle Teezer habe ich übrigens von Pieper bekommen. Pieper macht immer wieder die Pieper Blog Love Aktion, bei der zwei Blogger ausgewählt werden, um ein Produkt zu testen und vorzustellen. Wenn ihr Blogger seid könnt ihr euch dort auch anmelden!:)

psssss...ich habe "etwas" zu meinen social media buttons zugefügt ;P

Montag, 9. September 2013

What the people say

Zara trousers
H&M shirt
Zara shoes
Forever21 necklace
H&M bracelet

Happy Monday!

Dienstag, 3. September 2013

I want to go to the seaside

Bershka crop top
Cotton on skirt
Topshop shoes
Zara bag (old)
Accessorize necklace
H&M ring
Asos watch

I'm back! Sorry for the lack of posts guys, but at the holiday home of my parents is practically no internet reception....For one week this is ok, but then I needed my daily dose of social networking so much! I have been evolved to such a socialnetwork victim! 
On to the outfit! I've worn this on one of the last sunny days. And I can not describe how much I love this crop top from Bershka! I have one in black too and these are just perfekt! So loose and comfy and also fashionable! The bag is one of my all time favourites and it's even an old one! I bought this just before these Chanel look-alike bags  became fame and I still love it! 
I'm thinking of cutting my bangs a little bit...The long hair is allways hanging around in my face and it is annoying me! What do you think, shorter bangs (like up to my cheeks) or longer bangs?
This is my last week of vacation and I just got something cricked on my shoulder or so! I'm almost on my way to the doc...-.- I hope he can fix it ;P

Wish you a great week!









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