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Samstag, 22. März 2014

BIRTHDAY wishlist

It's my birthday in less than one month! Yay!:) I thought it would be fun, to share with you some of my birthday wishes! At the moment there is so much stuff I'm craving for...
First I really want to try out the hyped Body Shop Cleansing Butter. I never tried a cleansing butter, but it sounds really good!
Then I decided , that I need a new wallet. My currently wallet is a very nice one, but it is so big! And when I take a small bag I allways have to sqeeze everything together. It's a mess! These wallets from Comme des Garcons are so classic and chic. They have different colors and I mostly like the black, brown and the red one.
I'm wanting a leather biker jacket for the longest time and when I saw this one at Zara, I was sold. Real leather jackets are allways a way too expensive for my wallet and this one is perfect! Perfect shape, perfect prize!A black biker jacket is a Must in every girls wardrobe! It pimps up every outfit!
Ok, this is a biiiiig wish, but I'm thinking about buying myself a macbook as a birthday present to myself. My old laptop is a disaster. It is so lame and loud and it allways shuts down in a sudden. Awul.
Superga sneakers are a great alternation to my beloved Converse Chucks. They have this simple look and they are great for summer and spring!
I allways wanted a blush from Clarins. I love the packaging and the colors are perfection!
This is a classic. The YSL Touche Éclat. I'm on the hunt for the perfect concealer (who is with me?!;) and I want to try out this one for aaaages! So it is the time now!
Currently I love wearing my nuckle rings from H&M. So I thought it would be nice to have a high  version of it. I choosed the ones from The Bohemian Collective online shop, they have some cute versions in silver, gold and rosegold!
The last thing are some cute earrings. I started wearing little studs again. So I checked out Sabrina Delhoffs online shop and there are so many great pieces! But a little bit pricey. The ones I choosed are more for the everyday use and they are so adorable! Little hearts are allways cute, right? :)

I'm also craving for a cute keyholder, but I don't know where to look at. Do you know which shop selld cute high quality keyholder?

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  1. OH, ich liebe den Schmuck von Sabrina Delhoff. Wirklich eine gute Wahl :)

    Liebste Grüße Laura von Laurella Rose


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