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Freitag, 7. März 2014

CATRICE luxury laquers LE

Cosnova send me these adorable nailpolishes from Catrice and I love them! These nailpolishes are from the Luxury Laquers Limited Edition and you can get them now at the drugstore! Guys, I really need to buy me those nail wheels! I absolutely didn't know how to show you those gorgeous colors until I got the great idea to use adhesive tape -.- But I promise, I will buy me some of those nail wheels and the next time I post about nailpolish, you will see better preview pics!
On to the colors. I got some colors of the MILLION BRILLIANCE collection (C01, C03), some of the SAND'SATION collection (C02, C04) and some of the CHAMELEON collection (C06, C07, C08). My personal favourites are the C06, which is such a cute pinkish color and the C04 which is the best color of the sand polishes in my opinion! The quality of Catrice polishes is allways a plus and I love to use them! How do you like this LE? Have you bought some of them already?

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  1. Die Lacke sehen alle super aus! Besonders Glitterama gefällt mir aber sehr gut, nur schon weil er Grün ist.


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