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Samstag, 26. Januar 2013

used up

Hello Lovelies!

How was your week going? Mine was a bit awkward. I was struggling with three days of non-stop-headache and troubles at work. But anyway my weekend is so much the better :) Had the time to run errands (all things on my to-do-list are checked) and clean my apartement, which makes me really happy, because lately I never had the time to do all these things. And I also finally have the time to write a blog post!
It's a post which I personally really like to read on other blogs. It's a used up post. I show you all my nasty, empty and dead bottles, tins and tubes and tell you what I think about the product which used to be inside of them for a while. I think that this kind of recommendation is much better, than all the hauls, because first when I used up things I truly can give you a "go" or "no-go". 

♥ Dove -Hitzeschutz Shampoo-
This is a heat protection shampoo from dove. It makes your hair smelling very good (I allways have to sniff on my hair when I used this, because I love the scent!), it leaves your hair shiny and soft and it's bargain! (Get it here)

♥ Dove -Volumen Aufbau Spülung-
This is the volume conditioner from dove and  I have to say I love this even more than the shampoo! When I wash my hair with it, I mostly get compliments on my hair, because of its volume! When your hair is a little bit on the thin side and you need volume, then use this! It will make you happy. (get it here!)

♥ alverde -Duschpeeling-
This is an peeling from alverde to use under the shower. It's a very soft one with little coconut rasps in it and the scent of lotus petal. It smells good and is gently on your skin, but I once won't rebuy it because I like peelings to be more heavy. (get it here)

♥dusch das -Magnolia-
This shower gel I consistently rebuy, because I love the scent it has to it. It has the scent of magnolia and this allays reminds me of the "flower by kenzo" perfume which I love too.

♥ la roche-posay -lotion apaisante physiologique-
I mentioned this facial tonic from la roche-posay before in my winter skin care post and I absolutely like it! It smells amazing, very fresh and clean, and it my skin feels super soft after using it. I only have to blast it for its price. (buy here)

♥ la roche-posay -respectissime-
It's a waterproof eye makeup remover and it does its job very well. Nothing to submit. (BUY)

♥ cycle vital -bi phase thermal lissant-
This has been my heatdefensor for the last month. The product is not bad, but i also won't rebuy it. There is nothing special to it. The scent isn't so outstanding and I just wanna try someting new now. But it definitly protects your hair from the nasty meanly heat! (can't find it on the www...I bought it at a local hairdresser shop)

 ♥ bulgari -omnia-
My favourite fragrance ever! Just don't know which one it is exactly. It's the omnia with the brown bottle. Maybe it's the coral one. Sorry :D Can not describe the's not on the sweet side, it's more like woody and tangy. I'm bad in describing this scent. Sorry, but I love it and I'm absolutly sad that it's empty now! (buy here)

♥ vera wang -princess-
This perfume has been in one of my glossy boxes. I love all at it. At first look at the packaging! Isn't it cute?! It's like a little crystaly heart with a golden crown at the top of it. So cute! And the scent is amazing too! Sweet and girly. That's all I need :) (get it here)

♥ Maybelline Jade -master shape brow pencil-
Love this brow pencil! The first one which really fits my brow color and it's super soft, so you can easily paint this on your brows. Have already repurchased it. (buy here)

These were my used up products from the last month. Maybe you found something you wanna try?!
Tomorrow it's sunday here in germany. What are your plans? I want to chill, paint my nails, take a hot bubble bath and do only things I really wanna do :)


Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

pinkbox january

This is the second time I got this box and I really like it!
This time I got a lot of hair and body products, but they're lovely!

Let's start:

tetesept - Bäder der Welt - Ägyptisches Kleopatra Bad (6,49€)
This is something like a cleopatra bath and it smells amazing! It has a milky-creamy texture and contains a combination of skin-smoothing milk proteins, moisturizing honey and almond oil. Exited to try it! At the moment it's a little bit stressful at work and in those days I love a good old bubble bath.

kappa woman - viola shower gel (2,79€)
It's a showergel with a fresh bloomy-scent to it. And one big plus: It does not contain parabens. YAY

avon - kajalpencil (7,50€)
Okay that's just a black kajal. But it's very cute with it's valentine's day-style. I'm allways on a hunt for a good kajal, so I have to try it!

pantene pro-v - Intensives Feuchtigkeitssoufflé (6,79€)
This is like a moisture-soufflé. It has to be distributed without rinse in dry or wet hair and it directly supplies moisture to your hair. Your hair is supposed to look healthy with this product in it.
I just tried it right now and I have to say it smells great like all the pantene products! 

garnier fructis - Fructis Oil Repair 3 Spektakuläre Beauty-Pflege (4,49€)
It calls itself 'new generation of haircare' and I think this sounds a bit exaggerated. Also I never have been a big fan of fructis. BUT I will give it a try ;)
You have to use this like a conditioner (I don't know why don't they call it that way) and it should be a deeply effective care, that gives immediately improved hair quality and a wonderfully sensual hair feeling. Okay, I'm willing to be convinced fructis!

And this time I also like the magazine. It's 'jolie', which I even buy myself sometime.

How do you like my pinkbox? Would you subscribe to it too?
Tomorrow is the beginning of the week again...Have fun and allways think positive!

Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

flower nails

Found this inspiration in the amazing Lauren Conrad -Beauty-
Let's begin!

Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

december favourites ♥

Here are my december favourites!


lipstick *angel*
My first mac lipstick and I love it! I allways thought they were too expensive...yes, they are expensive, BUT they are amazing! They are super creamy and soft and even if you have dry lips like me, you will love it, because they are quite contrary of drying out the lips! 
 And the color! Angel is such a great everyday-color! It's a very soft pinkish-nude. Just like a whiff of natural color on your lips. I highly recommend these lipsticks an I will definitely buy me some more macies ;)

blush *fleur power*
Okay, this is a blush that I recovered in my bathroom. And I really don't know why I didn't used it for such a long time! It's really a super great color. It's a very girly-pink color and the pigmentation is very high, so you you have to be careful with the brush, but according to this it will probably last you for ages! Great product!

foundation *studio sculpt*
Used this like mostly everyday in december and I love it! It gives you high coverege and it's almost lasts all day long. It doesn't dry out your skin and it also isn't too shiny or glowy. Definitly will rebuy it!

juicy couture *viva la juicy*
I'm really bad in describing fragrances...It is a bloomy, girly (like allways :P), fresh and very sweet scent. And look at the bottle!Isn't it gorgeous? It looks so lovely! 

chanel *167 Ballerina*
Got this as a christmas present from my sister-in-law (thank you cutie), because she wore it at her wedding and I was in love at first sight. It's a great everyday color and compared to my other nail polishes it's really neutral! But I think every girl has to own at least one neutral pink-rosy nail polish in her collection! And I think I don't have to menion that the chanel polishes are very longlasting and easy to apply.

essence colour & go *67 make it golden*
Essence has some pretty glitter-polishes! This is one of them. It is in my favourite list, because I love to combine it with the chanel ballerina or some other rosy toned polishes. When you are a glitter-girl like me, you have to have one pretty golden polish like that! And this one is even on the cheapy site!YEAY

loreal *lumi magique*
Nice concealer which is also mentioned from a lot of other bloggers and youtubers before. And I have to agree with them! Nice concealer! High Covering power and it has a high resistence too. Very nice to also highlight your face.

soap & glory *sugar crush* and *clean on me*
I'm in the soap&glory fever...A little bit on the expensive site. BUT the smell, love the packaging, love the packaging (oh did I already mentioned the packaging ?)...And it leaves your skin with an amazing scent. The body peeling also makes your skin super soft like a baby bum!

h&m *bobble hat*
Last but not least a not-beauty-related favourite. My bobble hat from h&m.
Nothing more to say. It's a bobble hat.

From now on I will (try) to write in english, because I noticed that I have some english-speaking-readers and I want to come up to all of my lovely readers :)
Have a nice week!

Mittwoch, 9. Januar 2013

insta wink

 what should I wear? two options
NYE-nails outfit

happy new year! 0:00

 favourite bracelet primak shopping
favourite necklace yum

what i got from the postman in love with angel from mac
catastrophe cosmetic from lush carpet in the cage ^.^

mouse-slippers favourite necklace again
new watch from asos jewelry storage

Find me on instagram! do you like my new header? 


Sonntag, 6. Januar 2013

Outfit on the top

     (Disco-Pants - Primark, Pullover - Primark, Jacke - Primark, Schal - H&M, Tasche - Ebay, Ring - H&M, Uhr - Michael Kors, Armband - Halluber)

Hallo, das bin ich.
Habe mich jetzt getraut und zeige euch ein Outfit von mir und somit auch mich selbst zum ersten Mal. Ganz schön aufregend huiuiui ^.^
Wie man auf den Bildern sehen kann, war heute das Wetter zwar alles andere als schön, aber ich und mein Gatte haben einen kleinen Ausflug gewagt. Wir sind nach Recklinghausen zur Halde Hoheward gefahren. Diese Halde ist ein riesiger Hügel, den wir auch erstmal besteigen mussten. Es war windig und kalt und ich wünschte mir, ich hätte doch meine flachen Boots angezogen. Aber wie man sieht, ich habe es geschafft!
Habe mir für mein erstes Outfit auf diesem Blog etwas ausgesucht, was ich auch tagtäglich anziehe. Das Outfit ist doch irgendwie etwas primark-lastig geworden...das liegt wahrscheinlich daran, dass ich in letzter Zeit ständig da rumlungere. Aber glaubt mir, ich kaufe auch woanders ein ;)
 Ich muss auch sagen, dass ich momentan in dieser Jacke lebe. Ich habe eine ähnliche schon länger bei Topshop beäugt und mich dann mega gefreut, als ich diese hier bei Primark gefunden habe. Seitdem ziehe ich sie nicht mehr aus. Und auch der Schal ist momentan einfach ein Lieblingsstück von mir. Guckt, er hat Bommel!!!
Zum Schluss war bei mir alles eingefrohren, aber ich freue mich schon Bilder zu machen, wenn es etwas wärmer wird! Ich hoffe euch gefallen die Bilder und ihr habt einen guten Start in die nächste Woche!










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