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Sonntag, 6. April 2014

Pampering UPLOADED

We all love a good old weekend pamper to prepare for the upcoming week. It's all about a long hot bubble bath, a bracing face mask, a mini mani, some treatment for your hair...just spending the whole evening with doing girly, down-market things. Here I have a little update with all the newbies which I have added to my pampering routine.

BODY - The Rituals Sakura Scrub is a sugar body scrub, which makes you feel really relaxed. It consists of natural sugar and calming oils and smells of cherry blossoms, which gives you that spa feeling. I like to use scrubs after waxing my legs, so that no hair will incorporate into the skin. But it is also good for dry spots or before fake tanning!

HAIR - The Dr. Hauschka Neem Ölkur is something I found in the health-food shop. It is an oil consisting of neem, chamomille,wheat germ oil and rosemary which is good for dry, brashly and split hair. It is also convinient for irritaed scalp. You just have to dampen your hair a bit and massage the oil into the scalp and the hair. Then you have to leave it for 20 minutes and wash it out with a shampoo. What I like to do is, to use this when I go to sleep. The next morning I wash my hair and I have the softest, shiny hair ever. Love it!

FACE - Origins Clear Improvement Mask is great for cleaning you skin. This mask with aktivated carbon gets all the dirt and dander out of your face and just leaves you with a fresh, soft and clear complexion.

NAILS - Opi Nail Envy, this is my holy grail when it comes to nailcare. I had acrylic nails and we all know that this is so damaging for your natural nails. They were really thin, weak and brashly. But since I used this nail stengthener I have the stongest nails ever! They grow so fast and they don't break! I just use it as a base every time I paint my nails and guys, this even does a great job as a base polish! If you have problem with your nails I can HIGHLY recommend this one!

MIND - Yogi Tea Classic Nothing better than a good Chai tea with milk and honey after a pamper night! I love those yogi teas! They have this special spicy flavour which brings me into a really relaxed mood!

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  1. Ich liebe diese Maske, ein wahres Wunder und perfekt für einen entspannten Tag daheim <3

    Liebste Grüße, Ann-Cathérine


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