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Montag, 13. Januar 2014

what goes around comes around

dress: TK Maxx
shoes: h&m
coat: asos
scarf: h&m
bag: h&m
necklace: Zara
rings: h&m

I love this dress. It is a bit sixtees, a bit chanel and also kind of edgy. Perfect to dress up and down! And it fits perfect and is so comfy! If I wear it I allways combine it with my chunky necklace from Zara, which I adore too! It allways adds the little extra to an outfit. If you wear it on a big boyfriend t-shirt or on a dress like this, you allways feel fashionable ;) And lets speak about this coat. It is so pretty! And just the best thing ever to wear on warm winter day. Now that I bought my first boyfriend style coat, I'm thinking about getting another one too. Maybe in pink or mint green...If you like to see how I created the whole look, you can watch my "Get ready video" on my channel very soon. I will link it here when I have uploaded. 

It's monday guys and it is my first day to work since a long time because I had a sickness certificate. But now I'm healthy and full of energy! I love how it feels to feel fit again and how I can get into my old routine again. I want to redecorate my home and though it feels sad to put away the pretty cute christmas dressing, it is necessary to round off 2013, right?!

4 Kommentare:

  1. Schönes Outfit, der Mantel gefällt mir! :)

  2. Das Kleid ist wirklich schön und mir gefällt eine Frisur richtig gut <3

    Liebste Grüße, Sandra von

  3. perfektes Outfit! Hab es grade schon auf Instagram bestaunt, besonders das Kleid ist einfach wunderschön!

  4. Sehr schickes Outfit! DIe Clutch und der Schal sehen richtig toll aus!


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