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Freitag, 3. Januar 2014

Outfits 2013

So, this is 2014 now! Wow...I can not believe it...time is passing by so far this and I'm getting older,too ( while I takeing a look at these pics ;) I thought it would be fun to jump on the bandwagon and do some kind of memory post for 2013. I'm also trying to schedule my posts more, so it is easier for me to do some kind of posts in time.
Now on to the outfits...Some are casual and some are a bit more special...and while scrolling through all these old outfits I recognized that I should be more brave in doing special and bold outfits! It's just more fun for me and for you!:) I also recognized that holy moly, my hair was so dark at the beginning of posting outfits!Crazy...But the ombre was kind of cool I guess...
Some resolutions for 2014 reffering to outfits? Nothing special...Being more gritty and just continue wearing what I like! I also mentioned in on of the last posts that I want to start making more outfit posts again! One thing reffering to this is that I allways want to do more "outside" kind of posts...Have to get my butt up and take my boyfriend with me on every weekend or so! This is also a great opportunity to go for a blow! I will try guys, I swear!;)
I also want to take advantage of this situation to thank you all! You are allways so kind and I never get these well-known "hater" comments, this is awesome! EVERY little comment makes me smile and I'm allways so curious to know what you are thinking about my posts! Please, if you have some suggestions for me, how to do better, don't be shy, I love to hear what you have to say! I also would love to kow, what you like more, my outfit posts or the beauty posts?! Or what kind of posts do you miss? Please let me know! 

Since three weeks or so I'm sick now...its a mess...I hope this weekend will cure me and I can finally start 2014 as myself!

Lots of love to you all!

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