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Samstag, 25. Mai 2013

New Eyeshadows!

p2 BRILLIANT SHINE eye cream ~2,25€

A few days ago I crushed into the drugstore and got me some new beauty stuff. I went to a drugstore called "dm" here in Germany. This drugstore has an own-brand with beauty stuff called "p2". I don't often buy things from this brand since a long time, because I had bad experience with it, because of its quality. This time I thougth I should give it a second chance, because these eyeshadows looked so lovely! Concerning to the name I thought they would be more creamy like the maybelline color tattoos, but they are more like something in between. They are like normal eyeshadows, but a little bit more creamy. So you better use a brush to apply them. I saw these colors and I felt in love! I allways go with golden-brown-copper colors...but they just look the best in my opinion :)

I took the shade 050 cheeky copper and 070 crazy coral and I can not choose which one I like more! They are both just adorable! Cheeky Copper is the little bit darker one and maybe for some of you the one which you would prefer to wear for a night out or so. It is the perfect copper shade with a metallic effect and it's really high pigmented (what a bargain!). The other shade called crazy coral is the lighter version. I think this color would be nice as a blush too! It's a golden tone with a hint of coral in it ( I really don't know, if I describe this the rigth way O.O) and it also has the metallic effect. I have to mention that crazy coral is not pigmented like cheeky copper. This color is a everyday color for me and you can even wear it on it's own! So both are great colors with a nice quality! According to this I have to overthink my prejudices and go more often to the p2 stand-up display!

Today was my housework day, I cleaned up everything and did the laundry. After that I went a bit shopping because I needed some birthday presents ( I made some really really good deals at TK maxx!). And oooops...I bopped into Primark...hehe...Found some lovely dresses and shoes and rings...just Primark (:
And oh my goodness, my poor bunny lady has been castrated! She has to wear this kind of dog-collar now for 10  days... I'm so sorry for her ): But my baby is in safe keeping, so she will be well soon!

18 Kommentare:

  1. These are so pretty! Hope your bunny is doing well.

    xo, alison*elle

  2. Ich finde "CRAZY CORAL" total schön! :O

  3. heea,
    hübscher Blog!♥
    Schau doch mal bei meiner Blogvorstellung vorbei!
    liebste Grüße,
    Jessi ;*

  4. ooh i love neutral shades - so pretty! xx

  5. thanks for sharing dear. nice colours :)

  6. wow these colours look amazing x

  7. I can imagine these looking great at night x

  8. Those shades are gorgeous, I love metallic bronze eye shadows. And I hope your bunny lady's doing well, babe!!!

  9. Oh wow they look like gorgeous shades!!!! So cheap too <3 xxx

    Gemma |

  10. Crazy Coral is absolutely stunning!

    Check out my summer essentials giveaway:

  11. vorallem crazy coral finde ich toll!

  12. sehen super aus!
    Ich finde das Bild von dir in der Sidebar soooo schön,das musste mal gesagt werden,hihi:)

  13. Ui, die sehen ja echt super aus! Den rechten muss ich mir auch mal zulegen :)


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