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Sonntag, 5. Mai 2013

April Favourites

Hey there! I cant't believe it's already May! This Year seems like flowing by...I have a lot of favourites and new things to share, so I thought it would be fun, to show you some of them! I have some beauty favourites to share and I also like to add some random stuff which I like at the moment, so I hope you like it!

Mac -Hue-
I love Mac lipsticks! They are so creamy and soft and not drying! And the colors!...mmmmh...Mac Hue is definitely not a newcomer, but I had to get this one and I adore it! I love nude colors on the lips and this is such a nice nude-pink color. I think my next Mac lipstick will be "cream cup", another nude-pink color which looks so lovely!

L'oreal -Voluminous-
I wanted to try this mascara for so long and now I did! It's a good one! It gives volume and it does not crumble. The only thing I have to mention is, that it can be a bit chunky on the lashes. Sometimes this bothers me, but sometimes I don't care about it. And it's not tooooo chunky, just a bit. ;)

Vichy -Pureté Thermale-
This is a cleansing foam which I used to buy a few years ago and I loved it. And I rembered this and I thought, why did I ever stoped using this! I really don't know! It's awesome! It smells good, it washes off all the dirt on your face within one step and it is not too expensive! And did I mentioned that the packaging is pink?! :D
Vichy says it's for sensitive skin and that it will make your complexion radiant! What do we need more?!

Benefit -Bella Bamba-
I'm obsessed with the benefit blushes! The packaging is allways so cute and so detailed! And colorful! Just lovely. And and I don't have to say much about the colors. Bella Bamba is a cute dark pink with a coral tint to it, which makes you look, like you where just glowing a bit. What I also love about it is the fine golden shimmer is has to it and it's so pigmented! Just awwwww....

Revlon -Nearly Naked-
Bought this foundation in the USA and I think revlon makes a good job! This foundation is great when you want a base which is not to thick and not sheer like a bb-cream. It's something in between. It's very ligth on the skin and it's truly feeling like wearing nearly nothing on the skin. 

Maybelline -Dream Matte Powder-
Another purchase from the US. This a great cheaper alternative to my mac powder which I use all day. First I have to say, the packaging is horrible. It looks really cheap, but I don't care I look at the intrinsic values ;) The formula is very lightweight and it doesn't look too powdery on me. Nice drugstore product!

Bumble and Bumble -texture cream-
This is a very thick cream which I grease in my hair/in the roots of my lower head before I blow dry it. It gives great volume and the hair gets more texture. I'm allways on the hunt for something that gives my hair volume and texture and this is definitely something that helps me.

My coconut island -shower gel-
This was in my pink box birthday edition and if you like coconut you will looooooove it! Nothing more to say.

Estee Lauder -Bronze Goddess-
OMG...This is sooooooooo good! I would describe it like coconut (yes again), vanilla and flowers...and this is all I need! The only sad thing about it, it does not stay long on my skin... But it smells so amazing! Like a summer day with ice cream and shorts on.

So these are my beauty favourites!My non-beauty favourite are my new shoes. I just bought these shoes at Zara a few days ago... aren't they adorable?! I haven't worn them yet but I thought I have to share them with you!
Now sunday evening is coming by and my bf is waiting for me to come. Hope you're having a nice week! 



13 Kommentare:

  1. da muss ich poupee zustimmen, sind tolle Favoriten! Der MAC Lippi gefällt mir besonders, obwohl er mir wahrscheinlich nicht stehen würde oder mir in die Lippenfältchen kriecht - irgendwie bin ich noch nicht so warm geworden mit der Konsistenz der MAC Lippenstifte. Die Farbe ist aber auf jeden Fall wunderschön! :D

    Liebste Grüße

  2. Super schöne Sandalen!
    Brauche unbedingt auch noch welche (bzw. meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehr!) :D

    Ich finde dieses Shower gel sieht ein bisschen aus wie die Sachen von "I love..",
    falls du die Marke kennst. Die gibt es bei Douglas :).

    Mir gefällt die Farbe des MAC Lippenstifts!
    Hab so einen ähnlichen auch in meiner Sammlung (aber nicht von MAC :D).

    Pullover-Update: IMMER NOCH NICHT DA! Haha!

  3. Tolle Favoriten und tolle Bettwäsche (;


  5. Ich liebe Benefit Rouges und Bella Bamba ist eines meiner Liebsten!
    Wo kann man denn Bumble and Bumble überall bestellen?

    LG Nani

    1. Also ich habe es bei bestellt, aber ich glaub bei amazon kriegst du es auch...:)

  6. hey :) ich habe dich für den best blog award nominiert.wäre toll wenn du mitmachst

  7. Super schöner Blog - gefällt mir echt gut :)

    Kannst ja auch gerne mal bei mir vorbeischauen,
    würde mich freuen:

    Liebste Grüße an dich, L. ♡

  8. beautiful lipstick!
    do you want to follow each other?:)

  9. Mein Herzchen, so tolle Sachen hier. Den Benefit Rouge mag ich mir auch noch holen, habe sogar passend dazu ein Gutschein fuer Douglas, aber kann mich zwischen zwei nicht entscheiden. :) wie findest du sie so? Lohnt es sich 30 euro dafuer auszugeben? Habe paar mal gehoert, dass sie nicht intensiv genug sind oder so,hm ?

    Habe noch einen wundervollen Tag, meine liebe.
    Kuesschen, A.


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