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Sonntag, 20. Januar 2013

pinkbox january

This is the second time I got this box and I really like it!
This time I got a lot of hair and body products, but they're lovely!

Let's start:

tetesept - Bäder der Welt - Ägyptisches Kleopatra Bad (6,49€)
This is something like a cleopatra bath and it smells amazing! It has a milky-creamy texture and contains a combination of skin-smoothing milk proteins, moisturizing honey and almond oil. Exited to try it! At the moment it's a little bit stressful at work and in those days I love a good old bubble bath.

kappa woman - viola shower gel (2,79€)
It's a showergel with a fresh bloomy-scent to it. And one big plus: It does not contain parabens. YAY

avon - kajalpencil (7,50€)
Okay that's just a black kajal. But it's very cute with it's valentine's day-style. I'm allways on a hunt for a good kajal, so I have to try it!

pantene pro-v - Intensives Feuchtigkeitssoufflé (6,79€)
This is like a moisture-soufflé. It has to be distributed without rinse in dry or wet hair and it directly supplies moisture to your hair. Your hair is supposed to look healthy with this product in it.
I just tried it right now and I have to say it smells great like all the pantene products! 

garnier fructis - Fructis Oil Repair 3 Spektakuläre Beauty-Pflege (4,49€)
It calls itself 'new generation of haircare' and I think this sounds a bit exaggerated. Also I never have been a big fan of fructis. BUT I will give it a try ;)
You have to use this like a conditioner (I don't know why don't they call it that way) and it should be a deeply effective care, that gives immediately improved hair quality and a wonderfully sensual hair feeling. Okay, I'm willing to be convinced fructis!

And this time I also like the magazine. It's 'jolie', which I even buy myself sometime.

How do you like my pinkbox? Would you subscribe to it too?
Tomorrow is the beginning of the week again...Have fun and allways think positive!

16 Kommentare:

  1. Der Inhalt ist voll schön :)
    Das Feuchtigkeitssouffle hört sich voll gut an!
    LG <3

  2. Wir haben fast den selben Inhalt! Ich liiiiiiebe die Box und bin voll froh dass ich sie bestellt hab ^.^ hab aber noch nicht gebloggt *slow

  3. Cool blog. I really enjoyed looking through it. Come by mine and if you like it let's follow each other:)! Would love to stay in touch ;)


  4. Dieser Badezusatz klingt doch mal sehr gut !!!!

  5. Ja, ich mag die GB nach wie vor! Mal schauen, wie lange noch ;) Du hast übrigens voll Glück dass dein Kajal schwarz ist. Meiner ist GRÜN. xD den werde ich vielleicht zweimal im Jahr benutzen wenns hochkommt ... :D

  6. Great! Following you now<3!!
    Come back soon!

  7. wow, love your blog... so cute... and your pics are beautiful!
    maybe we could follow each other?! It would be a pleasure for me :)i've just started to follow u!

  8. This is just like the "Glossy Box" That i get in the uk. Got some good samples in there too. Id be so excited about using them all!

    Pipp xx

  9. cool stuff! thanks for the lovely comment and be sure to check out our new post.. :-)

  10. looks like it's filled with some awesome items that you can actually use regularly!

    Lady à la Mode

  11. Some great products, enjoy the box!


  12. Cool prodcuts dear!
    LVE it
    xx share the feeling

  13. Bin am überlegen mir die Pink Box auch endlich zu bestellen. Im übrigen sehr tolles Design :)


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