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Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

december favourites ♥

Here are my december favourites!


lipstick *angel*
My first mac lipstick and I love it! I allways thought they were too expensive...yes, they are expensive, BUT they are amazing! They are super creamy and soft and even if you have dry lips like me, you will love it, because they are quite contrary of drying out the lips! 
 And the color! Angel is such a great everyday-color! It's a very soft pinkish-nude. Just like a whiff of natural color on your lips. I highly recommend these lipsticks an I will definitely buy me some more macies ;)

blush *fleur power*
Okay, this is a blush that I recovered in my bathroom. And I really don't know why I didn't used it for such a long time! It's really a super great color. It's a very girly-pink color and the pigmentation is very high, so you you have to be careful with the brush, but according to this it will probably last you for ages! Great product!

foundation *studio sculpt*
Used this like mostly everyday in december and I love it! It gives you high coverege and it's almost lasts all day long. It doesn't dry out your skin and it also isn't too shiny or glowy. Definitly will rebuy it!

juicy couture *viva la juicy*
I'm really bad in describing fragrances...It is a bloomy, girly (like allways :P), fresh and very sweet scent. And look at the bottle!Isn't it gorgeous? It looks so lovely! 

chanel *167 Ballerina*
Got this as a christmas present from my sister-in-law (thank you cutie), because she wore it at her wedding and I was in love at first sight. It's a great everyday color and compared to my other nail polishes it's really neutral! But I think every girl has to own at least one neutral pink-rosy nail polish in her collection! And I think I don't have to menion that the chanel polishes are very longlasting and easy to apply.

essence colour & go *67 make it golden*
Essence has some pretty glitter-polishes! This is one of them. It is in my favourite list, because I love to combine it with the chanel ballerina or some other rosy toned polishes. When you are a glitter-girl like me, you have to have one pretty golden polish like that! And this one is even on the cheapy site!YEAY

loreal *lumi magique*
Nice concealer which is also mentioned from a lot of other bloggers and youtubers before. And I have to agree with them! Nice concealer! High Covering power and it has a high resistence too. Very nice to also highlight your face.

soap & glory *sugar crush* and *clean on me*
I'm in the soap&glory fever...A little bit on the expensive site. BUT the smell, love the packaging, love the packaging (oh did I already mentioned the packaging ?)...And it leaves your skin with an amazing scent. The body peeling also makes your skin super soft like a baby bum!

h&m *bobble hat*
Last but not least a not-beauty-related favourite. My bobble hat from h&m.
Nothing more to say. It's a bobble hat.

From now on I will (try) to write in english, because I noticed that I have some english-speaking-readers and I want to come up to all of my lovely readers :)
Have a nice week!

14 Kommentare:

  1. Wirklich tolle Produkte. Der Chanelnagellack hat eine tolle Farbe!

    lg Laura

    everybody is unique

  2. Ich mag diesen MAC-Lippestift! :)

  3. Da hast du aber wunderbare Lieblinge!
    Die Marke soap&glory würde ich auch unbedingt gern noch ausprobieren ^-^//

  4. Your pictures are so CUUUUUTE!!!! :) <3

  5. love this post, super cute!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  6. Dankeschön :) ich mache ein FSJ und arbeite im Krankenhaus auf Station. Zurzeit noch in der mutter-kind-station aber bald möchte ich auf station 1 wechseln. ^_^

  7. I absolutely love soap & glory products!

  8. got that mac lipstick too :-) it's amazing!! xx

  9. sugar crush is amazing! lovely bits here :)

  10. Du siehst mit der Mütze sehr sehr süß aus <3


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