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Sonntag, 22. September 2013

Thrilling me softly LE - Catrice

Hey guys, today I have another review for you! These goodies were send to my by cosnova a few days ago and it is a limited edition called "Thrilling me softly" by catrice. I'm so happy that I got them, because I loooove catrice! I would say it is one of the "better" drugstore brands and it has a good qualtity. I got three nailpolishes, one mascara, one blushstick, one eyeliner and an eyeshadow palete and I will show you every single piece I got right now :)

Ultimate Nail Laquer
I got three of these pretty nailpolishes. I got a dark lilac color, which is called "C03 - Occult", a shimmery dark red called "C04 - Allure" and a golden one called "Co2 - Suspect". First I was so impressed by those colors! They are great for fall and just so beautiful! With two coats of it you are good to go! So like I said, the colors are awesome, but ladies it chips...SO quickly! I've worn the red one for four days now and since the second day it chipped and now it's getting ridiculous -.- BUT maybe it's just the red one...We will see...My favourite color is at least the lilac color! Here are some expressions for you:

Smooth Blush Stick
I got this blushstick in the color "C01 - Feverish", which is a corally-pink color. It is the first time trying some kind of stick and I didn't expected it to be so good! It has a really smooth texture and once you've applied it it is really easy to blend! In the last pic you can see how it looks like when it's just applied and then how it looks like when you blend it into the skin! ( I don't know why my arms look like dead here xD)

Absolute Eye Color Trio
This trio is called "C01 - Soft Thrill" and I loooooove the colors! I have a purple/mauve shade, an anthracite and a white/silver shade. The anthracite and the white ones are like metallic and they have a bit glimmer to it. These colors are so pretty and you can create looks for day and night time with it! And did I mention the packaging?! So cute!

Cat Eyes Eyeliner Pen
Okay, I love my eyeliner and I wear it like almost everyday. So this is perfect for me. BUT...I'm very picky when it comes to eyeliners...This one is something very different and I never tried a pen like this before. It looks like a marker and first I thought "how does this work?" But it does work and you also can draw fine lines with it. You just have to be very careful. It makes a nice matt look and I will definitely carry on using it!

Better Than False Lashes Volume Mascara
This mascara is awesome! With its big brush it catches every lash and it gives you a lot of length without smudging and crumbling! And if you want some more volume you just have to layer on! I really like this mascara and I'm so happy that I got it!

I wish you a great day! And for all the German readers: Geht wählen! :)

7 Kommentare:

  1. Allure gefällt mir besonders gut, den werde ich mir auch definitiv mal angucken :) Die Mascara erinnert mich ein bisschen an eine Mischung aus der I love extreme von essence und der Big Boom von Astor. Also du kannst sie empfehlen? (:

  2. I've never heard of this brand before but it sounds fab! Love that last nail polish :) x

    Check out my giveaway - win a MAC lipstick of your choice!

  3. Ohh Occult hat eine unheimlich schöne Farbe! Den Eyeliner finde ich sehr interessant und werde mir den sicher einmal genauer ansehen. Ansonsten gefallen mir die drei Wet Shinee Stain Lip Lacquer ganz gut.

  4. Looks like an interesting collection! I really like those nail polishes, especially the gold one, but pity to hear they chip so bad!

    xo, alison*elle

  5. Should I write in English? Oder auf Deutsch?
    Anyway, u got a really nice blog and I love ur pics :) And I have to get that LE, too :)

    Freue mich auf einen Gegenbesuch.

    Liebe Grüße!

  6. Der Lidschatten ist wuuuunderbar! :)

    Liebe Grüße,


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