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Freitag, 27. Dezember 2013

New puchases/gifts

via Douglas
Fist of all: A belated "Merry christmas!" to you all! I wanted to do a christmas related post so badly, but to be honest with you, when the holidays came and I was with my family, I just wanted to relish christmas and be with my family without taking tons of outfit pics or food pics or whatever you can post on the social web...We had a really blessed time. I ate so much and had lots of fun with my family...I hope you all had a great christmas too!
So here are some of my latest purchases and also some gifts.

1. I ordered me the Redken extreme shampoo, Redken extreme conditioner and Redken anti snap via, because my hair is getting blonder and blonder at the moment and needs some extra treats. I heard so many good things about it, I had to buy it...The best, you get 25% off! So be sure to check that out! There are also other great offers!

2. A christmas gift from my grandma! A Mac blush in "mocca". Its a really pretty matte shade. I'm not good in describing colors, but it is one of those blushes you can wear every day and with mostly every skintone!

3. I wanted this foundation for ages! And now I made myself a christmas gift and ordered my own Laura Mercier silk creme foundation! I'm soooo excited to use it!

4. This is also a beauty product which I'm on a hunt for ages...It's the Clarins Lisse Minute Base Comblante. It's a primer, to use under your foundation and so many beauty gurus raved about it, I had to buy it! Clarins never dissapointed me... I'm curious!

5. My grandma also bought me a lipstick from Mac, because she thinks that you always have to have a convenient lipstick, blush and nailpolish! This is the Mac lipstick in brave and I absolutely adore this color! It's a kind of berry-brown-dark nude (in my oppinion ;D) and it is like the blush a great everyday color! 

These are my "New-in's" on the beauty side! Tell me, what did you get on christmas eve? 

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