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Montag, 18. November 2013


Clarins Huile Orichidée Bleue

Hey dolls, I have to apologize...I'm a bad blogger currently. I'm really sorry, but I have a really rough schedule at the moment. I'm working more than 45 hour a week, have to do my housework and there are lots of birthday parties to go to and over and above alomst all of my friends are moving, which means they need help in renovating. 
BUT today I have a little bit of time to do this blogpost. It's about this lifesaver called faceoil. If you are following me since the beginning, you may know, that in the last winter I had problems with my super dry skin. It starts with getting little tiny pox and then the skin gets super dry. I get red, dry spots all over my face and no make up can fix this! This is a nightmare! One month ago it starts again and I was like: "NOOOOOOOOO....!!!!" And I bought this clarins face treatment oil. And everything changed. :D I'm not joking! The one I choosed is called "Huile Orichidée Bleue" and it is the one for normal to dry skin. There is also one for oily skin. Every night, when I remove my make up and set my face with a toner I put ca. 7 drops of this oil into my palm of hand and rub them a bit. Then I slightly massage it on to my face and neck. After that I also use my facial cream. After just two or three days my skin felt super soft and the pox were blown away! Now I just use it every other day. 
So, if you have dry skin like me or problem skin, I highly highly recommend this oil!It is not a bagain with 36,99€, but it's a lifesaver! You can get it here.There are also similar products at the drugstore for a cheaper pricetag, but I did not checked them out yet.

So, I hope you liked my little review and hopefully we see each other very soon and I can get on my normal blogging schedule again :)

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  1. Hey I really like you blog, so I tagged you for the blog award on my latest post! :) xo Maria

  2. Ich habe noch nie ein Gesichtsöl benutzt, dabei könnte ich das bei meiner trockenen Haut gut gebrauchen! :) Aber ich glaube ich würde es zunächst mit etwas günstigerem probieren :)

    Liebe Grüße,

    * eleonoras blog *


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