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Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014

Valentine's Beauty Essentials

Tomorrow it is finally Valentine's day! So I thought why not do a Valentine's Beauty Essentials post?! What are Valentine's Beauty Essentials?...In my opinion it is just pinky makeup :D
I choosed my favourite pink makeup and I will show it to you right now!

Maybelline 140 Intense Pink This is one of my favourite pink lipsticks at all. It is the perfect pink-nude color, which is not too flashy and it is the perfect pink for every day!

Catrice070 Pinkerbell I recently bought this blush and I wear it every day since that. It is a bright pink color, which just looks so adorable on the cheeks! And which girl don't want to look adorable on Valentine's day?!:)

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Why don't we have Victoria's Secret stores here in Germany??? It is exasperating! They have the best fragrances ever! I bought this one in Miami last year and it is such a lovely and girly scent. 

Kleancolor nailpolish with hearts What else do we need on Valentine's day? A heart shaped glitter polish is definitely all I need! Nothing more to say ;)

What do you think of my Valentine's Beauty Essentials?

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