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Mittwoch, 3. Juli 2013

maybelline pure 8-in-1 bb cream REVIEW

Hey dolls, holy moly this bb cream is a miracle! The best bb cream I ever used! And you wouldn't believe who told me to buy it! My boyfriend! :DDD He saw it in the commercial and said to me: " You have to get it, this sounds kick-ass!" And I bought it...and in the future I will allways mark his words! This bb cream has such a high covering power (covers redness and blemishes), it isn't greasy, it has a matt finish, it minimizes pores, it gives your skin a nice glow, it is moisturizing and smoothing AND it also allays blemishes, because it contains salicylic acid! Wow what a beauty bomb! haha...I wear this every day and in my opinion it is the perfect base for summertime! I blend it in with a kabuki brush and set it with powder. In the last picture you can see me wearing it. It's really so covering and the lasting power is also great! I bought it in a drugstore but if you want to get it online, here is a link!:)

6 Kommentare:

  1. Hübsche du. :)
    Wenn du so von der BB-Cream schwärmst, dann wird das wohl meine nächste. :)

    Liebst, Sara.

  2. Das Tragefoto sieht echt gut aus :). Hab schon so viel Positives über diese BB Cream gehört und werde sie mir definitiv nochmal näher ansehen.

  3. I've actually never seen that product, but I might have to try it! :) Love your nails by the way, such a nice colour. What sort of nail polish is it? Xx

  4. gibt es sie noch in anderen farben? ich finde sie einfach nie!

  5. I was thinking about buying this product and now I have read your post I reeeaaallly want to buy it! hahah thank youuuu


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