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Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013


Hello my dears,

in my last post I've shown you an outfit with some of my new purchases from primark and I asked you if you would like to see the other things I bought too...And because so many of you wanted to see these (ok...there were only one girl who said that, but I want to show it to you anyway, because I love to see hauls for myself and I'm just silly) I show them to you! YAY

But as you see I only show you the things which weren't shown in the last post (tiny little outfit post), so it wan't bore you.

jacket -primark ~27€-
I saw this jacket and I felt in love at first sight. I currently love to wear my green "military"-jacket (which is shown here) and so I thougt it would be fun to have some similar in another color. I think this jacket is great to wear in the upcoming spingtime and it can be combined with almost everythhing!

shorts -primark ~13€-
I loooove the color of these! And look at the stud detail! It's awesome! But, someting happend which allways happend to me at primark. I looked at the hanger and it said size 36 but at home I looked at the label it is a 34!-.- epic fail. I tried it on and it actually fits me. But for my opinion it is to tight on me...have to chance it.

shoes -deichmann 29.90€-
Before I start I have to mention that for the longest time I wasn't sure if i like these kind of sneakers with the wedge or not. But since I saw some on the gorgeous "secretlifeofabionerd" I was convinced. But I anyway never saw some that I really want to buy. These I found at deichmann, I haven't worn them so far, but I think they will be fun.

necklace -primark 5€-
Had to buy this! Have seen originaly this necklace at h&m for some month ago and allways wasn't sure if I should get it or not. But when I saw it at primark for just 5 €, I was sure I have to get it. This statement necklace will look super cute on some basic-shirts with no neckline!

earrings -primark ~1-2€-
Okay, I'm not a big earring kind of girl, but these look so edgy, I had to get them. Curious about if I will wear them...

 Now on to the beauty stuff:

Facial tonic -nivea 5,28€ (at amazon)
I really have sensitive and dry skin especially in the wintertime and this product is made for my skintype. I'm in love with the scent! It smells so creamy and fresh! Put it on a cottonpad and spread it over your cleaned face. Nice product.

nailpolish -essence 104 sweet as candy ~1-2€-
I found a dupe! This definitly looks like a dupe of the chanel -ballerina- polish! It has a very light texture and you have to paint 2-3 coats of it (like the ballerina!) Looks nudish and very natural. I like colors like that, but it bothers me to get one coat and another coat and another coat..I like my manicure to be fast.

glitter nailpolish -essence 02 circus confetti ~1-2€-
Currently I'm obsessed with glitterpolishes. It allways gives your manicure the little extra. This one is a very multicolored one with little glitters in different collors and shapes. I have uploaded a pic on instagram, if you like to see how it looks on my nails!

lipstick -catrice 130 frozen rose ~4€-
I'm into lipsticks right now and anytime I crush into a drugstore I have to take one with me...
The catrice lippies are so gentle on the lips, I love the colors, the texture and the lasting power! Really highly recommend these! Mostly I go for some nudish-pink colors as you can see. This is like the name says a frozen pink color which is more on the  matt side. Love it.

liquid liner -catrice 010 don't leave me ~3-4€-
I was searching for a new liquid liner, since I used up my NYX curve. I was looking for somethhing with a really thin and precise tip. I found it! Here it is! This liner is so easy to use and I especially recommend it if you are using liquid liners for the first time!

brow designer -catrice ~3€-
This is AWESOME! I used up my essence brow gel and now that I used this one, I know how bad the essence one is (there comes tooooo much of the product out of the tube!) and how incredibly good the catrice one is! Ok, I'm overdoing, it's just a browgel, but it's awesome anyway. Buy it!

eyeshadow palette -catrice absolute nude 4,99€-
This is a gorgeous dupe to the naked palettes! Nice colors, not so pigmented like the naked ones, but really pretty for the price tag! Great for everyday use and for traveling!

cream eyeshadow -maybelline color tattoo 65 pink gold ~4-5€-
The color!!! So pretty! The color tattos from maybelline are amazing so pigmented and easy to apply! I wear them as a base or just on its own. Highly highly recommend!

Now we're done with the haul. Tell me if you like the stuff I bought or if you bought somethhing similar!

I quickly want to tell you that I'm tiniking about a little change on my blog. I noticed that I only have the time to blog at the weekend. But I want to blog more. So I gave a thougt to it and I got an idea. In the future I will try to write one post during the week in addition to the weekend post. This "week post" will be a shorter one though. I have the idea of some favourite posts, like "favourite product of the week", or " favourite hairdo of the week", or "outfit". We will see how I manage it, but I'm excited!
What do you guys think about my new idea?

Have a nice sunday!

18 Kommentare:

  1. Das Brauengel hab ich auch!! <3 ("brauengel" sieht aus wie brau-engel und nicht wie brauen-gel...) hahahaha! und die schuhe find ich voll geil aber ich trag niiie hohe schuhe weil ich schon groß genug bin v_v

  2. die kette und die ohrringe sind echt toll! süssen bettbezug den du da hast (:

  3. Wow, you got some lovely stuff!! Especially the beauty bits...that eyeshadow palette looks great for everyday use :)


  4. Oh those shorts! And that nude make up palet loosk great as well!



  5. I really want some wedge trainers! I've only heard good things about them, how they're so comfy etc. And anything that can make my short legs look longer I need to try!xxx

  6. Habe deinen Blog über das Blogspiel bei Kleiderkreisel gefunden und finde ihn wirklich schön. Folge dir nun :-)

    Hast du vielleicht Lust mir auch zu folgen // GFC & Bloglovin'?

  7. Love the shorts! I wish we had essence here, the glitter polish looks so pretty x

  8. Love the sneakers and the earrings! :)
    Your blog is so cute! Wanna follow each other? :)


  9. Eine tolle Ausbeute!:) Die Jacke sieht super aus!! <3


    Mia's Little Corner

  10. Wow great buys! I'm loving that necklace!

  11. Looks great,honey!Love!;-)

  12. Ein toller Haul. Die Short und die Schuhe gefallen mir extrem gut :)

    liebe Grüß

  13. Woow tolle Sachen! Ich liebe die Sneaker und und die Jacke!

    Liebe Grüße Jasmin

  14. Tolle sachen ...
    Bin heute zum 1. Mal auf deinen Blog gestoßen, echt super, werd öfters vorbei schauen :)
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  15. wow everything looks good babe! i wish we have primark in the us. :|

  16. Die Sneaker-Wedges gefallen mir sehr gut!
    Hatte die im Deichmann auch mal anprobiert, aber ich fand sie leider gar nicht bequem!
    Schade :(
    Alles Liebe

  17. tolle sachen, die nude palette erinnert mich ein bisschen an die naked paletten, find ich toll!:) und die statement kette muss ich auch haben!! *-* total schön!

    schönen blog hast du :)

    liebe grüße


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